This is a document for PGroonga 1.X. See PGroonga 2.x document when you're using recent PGroonga.

pgroonga.log_type parameter


pgroonga.log_type parameter controls how to log.

You can choose one log type from the followings:

PGroonga logs to a file by default. File path is specified by pgroonga.log_path parameter.



SET pgroonga.log_type = type;

In postgresql.conf:

pgroonga.log_type = type

type is an enum value. It means that you must choose one of them:


Here is an example to use log system in PostgreSQL:

SET pgroonga.log_type = postgresql;

Here is an example to use Windows event log:

SET pgroonga.log_type = windows_event_log;

You can confirm logs from PGroonga by Event Viewer. But it may not be easy to read because Event Viewer shows PGroonga logs with warnings.

You can suppress the warnings from Event Viewer by registering PGroonga event source to Windows:

> regsvr32 /n /i:PGroonga ${PostgreSQL install folder}\lib\pgevent.dll

See also Registering Event Log on Windows.

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