PGroonga is a PostgreSQL extension. PGroonga provides a new index access method that uses Groonga.

Groonga is an embeddable super fast full text search engine. It can be embedded into MySQL. Mroonga is a storage engine that is based on Groonga. Groonga can also work as standalone search engine.

PostgreSQL supports full text search against languages that use only alphabet and digit. It means that PostgreSQL doesn't support full text search against Japanese, Chinese and so on. You can use super fast full text search feature against all languages by installing PGroonga into your PostgreSQL!

And more, PGroonga supports full text search against all text values in JSON. It's an unique feature. Built-in PostgreSQL features and JsQuery don't support it.

There are some extensions that implements full text search against all languages:

PGroonga supports full text search against all languages without changing source code.

PGroonga works without Recheck. PGroonga can find exact records only by index search. PGroonga is fast for many hits case.

PGroonga supports replication with PostgreSQL 9.6 or later.

PGroonga isn't crash safe. If your PostgreSQL process is crashed while updating, your PGroonga indexes may be broken. If your PGroonga indexes are broken, you need to recreate PGroonga indexes by REINDEX.


PGroonga is based on textsearch_groonga that was developed by Itagaki Takahiro. Thanks for the works!

The next step

Interested? Install PGroonga and try tutorial. You can understand more about PGroonga.