This is a document for PGroonga 1.X. See PGroonga 2.x document when you're using recent PGroonga.

pgroonga.enable_wal parameter

Since 1.1.6.

It's still an experimental feature. If you find a problem, please report it.


pgroonga.enable_wal parameter controls whether WAL is enabled or not.

PGroonga supports WAL with PostgreSQL 9.6 or later. pgroonga.enable_wal parameter is meaningless with PostgreSQL 9.5 or earlier.

If you enable WAL support, you can use PostgreSQL's streaming replication feature. See Replication for details.

If you enable WAL support, update performance will be decreased because some extra disk writes are needed.

The default value is off. It means that PGroonga doesn't generate WAL even when you're using PostgreSQL 9.6 or later. It'll be on by default when this feature is marked as stable.



SET pgroonga.enable_wal = boolean;

In postgresql.conf:

pgroonga.enable_wal = boolean

boolean is a boolean value. There are some literals for boolean value such as on, off, true, false, yes and no.


Here is an example SQL to enable WAL support:

SET pgroonga.enable_wal = on;

Here is an example configration to enable WAL support:

pgroonga.enable_wal = on

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