This is a document for PGroonga 2.X. See PGroonga 1.x document when you're using old PGroonga.

pgroonga.lock_timeout parameter


pgroonga.lock_timeout parameter controls lock timeout.

PGroonga tries to acquire a lock the specified timeout times at 1 millisecond interval until PGroonga acquires a lock.

The default value is 10000000. It means that PGroonga tries to acquire a lock for about 2.7 hours until PGroonga acquires a lock by default.



SET pgroonga.lock_timeout = timeout;

In postgresql.conf:

pgroonga.lock_timeout = timeout

timeout is a number value.


Here is an example to change PGroonga gives up acquiring a lock when PGroonga can't acquire a lock for 1 minute (1 millisecond * 60000 = 60000 milliseconds = 60 seconds = 1 minute):

SET pgroonga.lock_timeout = 60000;