This is a document for PGroonga 2.X. See PGroonga 1.x document when you're using old PGroonga.

pgroonga.force_match_escalation parameter

Since 2.2.8.


pgroonga.force_match_escalation parameter controls whether match escalation is always used or not.

Match escalation is auto loose search. If this parameter is on, match escalation is always used.

The default is off. It means that match escalation is used conditionally.

You can always use match escalation by specifying on.

Normally, you don't need to change this parameter. Conditional match escalation is suitable for users.

See also pgroonga.match_escalation_threshold parameter.



SET pgroonga.force_match_escalation = boolean;

In postgresql.conf:

pgroonga.force_match_escalation = boolean

boolean is a boolean value. There are some literals for boolean value such as on, off, true, false, yes and no.


Here is an example SQL to always use match escalation:

SET pgroonga.force_match_escalation = on;

Here is an example configuration to always use match escalation:

pgroonga.force_match_escalation = on

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