Install on FreeBSD

This document describes how to install PGroonga on FreeBSD.

How to install

You can use the following instruction to install PGroonga on FreeBSD.

Install PGroonga and PostgreSQL by pkg:

$ sudo pkg install -y pgroonga postgresql13-server

If you want to use MeCab as a tokenizer, install japanese/mecab-ipadic additionally:

$ sudo pkg install -y japanese/mecab-ipadic

Create /etc/rc.conf.d/postgresql with the following content to enable PostgreSQL:



Initialize PostgreSQL database:

$ sudo -H /usr/local/etc/rc.d/postgresql initdb

Start PostgreSQL:

$ sudo -H service postgresql start

Create a database:

$ sudo -H -u postgres psql --command 'CREATE DATABASE pgroonga_test'

(Normally, you should create a user for pgroonga_test database and use the user. See GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA pgroonga for details.)

Connect to the created database and execute CREATE EXTENSION pgroonga:

$ sudo -H -u postgres psql -d pgroonga_test --command 'CREATE EXTENSION pgroonga;'

That's all!

Try tutorial. You can understand more about PGroonga.