Use the following enviroment values.

Bump version

$ rake version:update NEW_VERSION=x.x.x

Update change log for Debian and CentOS packages

$ rake package:version:update

Check whether we can make packages or not

We confirm below CIs green or not.

Tagging for the release

$ rake tag

Create and upload a archive file

$ rake package:source

Create packages for the release

Debian GNU/Linux

$ rake package:apt


For Ubuntu, packages are provided by PPA on

$ rake package:ubuntu

When upload packages was succeeded, package build process is executed on Then build result is notified via E-mail. We can install packages via Groonga PPA on


$ rake package:yum


For Windows packages, we use GitHub Actions artifacts files.

$ rake package:windows:upload

Describe the changes

We need to update to announce the new release.

We describe to news/ summarize changes from before version.

We also update below items in _config.yml.

Update the repository

We update the repository in the following steps.

Clone the repository:

$ git clone

Update repositories for Debian GNU/Linux and CentOS:

$ cd
$ rake apt
$ rake yum

Announce release

Announce release for mailing list

We send release announce to below address.

Announce release for blog

We make release announce in blogs that are published and .

We update blogs in the following steps.

Clone blog source repository.

Make below files in blog source repository.

We can confirm blogs by the following steps.

Install required libraries:

$ bundle update

Start Web server:

$ jekyll serve --watch

We access http://localhost:4000 on our browser.

Announce release for Facebook

We have Groonga group in Facebbok. If you into Groonga group as a member, you can post as a member of Groonga group.

We post announce based on the blog and news.

Announce release for twitter

Click Tweet link in PGroonga blog entry. We can share tweet about latest release. If we use tweet link, title of release announce and URL is embedded into our tweet.

Execute sharing tweet in Japanese and English version of blog entry. Note that this tweet should be done when logged in by groonga account.