Install on Windows

This document describes how to install PGroonga on Windows.

Supported versions

You can use both 32bit version Windows and 64bit version Windows. You can use any Windows that are supported by PostgreSQL.

How to install

Install PostgreSQL (supported versions: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16). You can choose installer version or zip version.

Download PGroonga package:

Extract the downloaded PGroonga package. You need to specify PostgreSQL folder as extract target folder.

If you installed installer version PostgreSQL, C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\%POSTGRESQL_VERSION% is the extract target folder.

If you installed zip version PostgreSQL, %POSTGRESQL_ZIP_EXTRACTED_FOLDER%\pgsql is the extract target folder.

Create a database:

postgres=# CREATE DATABASE pgroonga_test;

(Normally, you should create a user for pgroonga_test database and use the user. See GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA pgroonga for details.)

Connect to the created database and execute CREATE EXTENSION pgroonga:

postgres=# \c pgroonga_test
pgroonga_test=# CREATE EXTENSION pgroonga;

That's all!

Try tutorial. You can understand more about PGroonga.